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Our Mission

We make it easy for anyone to enjoy financial wellbeing

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Money shouldn't be so complicated. It should be an enabler. One that serves you, your ambitions and your goals. Instead, for most people globally, money is a barrier and a cause of stress.
The financial system has long been imbalanced, optimising for money rather than for customers' wellbeing. 

That's why we founded RiseUp in 2017, to create a new kind of financial service: One that is based on a subscription model that puts our customer's financial wellbeing first, without conflict of interest or hidden agendas. One that harnesses the power of technology and community in order to help people move from concerns and stress, to security and confidence.

Today, 80 employees and hundreds of thousands of customers later, we’ve proven that it is possible. That the right combination of smart CashFlow, entertaining content and circles of support can really change your mind about money and power your financial growth.

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Numbers of Impact

Learn more about the RiseUp impact and read
the full 2022 report

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