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The financial wellbeing
app that will change how
you feel about money.


Predict the future of your finances

Our monthly forecast analyses your previous spending and predicts how your month will end, before it even starts. So you can make more informed decisions. And there are no nasty surprises – even at the end of the month.


Know the ins and outs of your money

Keep track of your spending with all your household accounts organised in one simple cash flow view.


Understand what your money’s made of

See your income and expenses sorted into categories, so you know what you can and will spend on everything from weekends away to takeaways.


Give colour to your money

Make sense of your money with meaningful insights that inspire you to take positive action. No jargon. No financial-speak. And 100% pie chart free.


Make personal savings personal

Personalised recommendations help you understand how and why you spend. So you can save for the things you want, by cutting out the things you don’t.


Create a joint account for free

With a joint account, you’ll share all the same great tools and benefits. And you can work towards financial wellbeing as a couple. No more bickering over budgeting.


Feel brighter, together

Join our thriving community and take on your money together. From exchanging money mantras to RiseUp meet-ups, there’s always something happening.


Get reminders that keep you on track

WhatsApp reminders prompt you to keep an eye on your money and keep your finances on track.


Get advice from humans

From everyday money-saving hacks to how to save for the trip of a lifetime, our team of experts are here whenever you need a friendly financial ear.

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Monthly  + 7 day free trial


After your free trial, the monthly subscription is £9.99 and automatically renews each month.

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£25.99/3 mo


After your free trial, the quarterly subscription is £25.99 and automatically renews every 3 months.

Annual  + 7 day free trial  Save 20%



After your free trial, the annual subscription is £95.99 and automatically renews each year