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At RiseUp, we’re all about making it easier (and even enjoyable!) for you to manage your money and achieve...

Top 8 financial wellbeing tips Want to feel happier and more confident about money? Here are our top financial wellbeing tips to boost how you feel about your finances.

Given the ongoing cost of living crisis, many people living in the UK are grappling with money worries...

Where to turn for financial wellbeing support Many of us are under financial stress, which can affect our health and wellbeing. Here are some sources of financial wellbeing support.

Many of us have become increasingly interested in financial wellbeing in recent years. With the increasing...

The state of financial wellbeing in the UK It's a tough time financially in the UK and our interest in financial wellbeing is increasing. So, what is it and how can we improve it?

Ever find yourself scratching your head over financial decisions? We’ve all been there. Making informed...

Tips on how to become better at financial decision making Making choices about money is confusing. Here are RiseUp’s top tips to improve your financial decision making.

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An introduction to cash flow management with RiseUp

​​Building long-term financial security and stability starts with understanding your current financial situation and taking control of your cash flow.

Financial wellbeing is a phrase that’s popping up more and more these days. But what does it actually...

Defining financial wellbeing in 5 simple steps Discover what financial wellbeing actually means and how you can change the way you handle your finances.

Financial resilience isn’t just a buzzword – it’s your secret weapon against life’s unexpected curveballs,...

How to be more financially resilient Build financial resilience with practical strategies and RiseUp insights. Secure your financial future and reduce stress. Start today!

Your Money + AI? How to leverage Your Data to Stay Ahead & Make More Money

​Understand how to think about money and AI in a transformative way. We'll use machine learning models to put you ahead of the game and boost your earnings.

Our recent research into Britain’s spending habits was picked up by the Daily Mail 🎉. Read the article...

"75% of Gen Z would break down over a £300 bill, study warns" Gen Z are confronting significant financial stress, with most of them admitting they would face a mental breakdown if hit with an unexpected £300 bill.

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