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Our recent research into Britain’s spending habits was picked up by the Daily Mail 🎉. Read the article...

"75% of Gen Z would break down over a £300 bill, study warns" Gen Z are confronting significant financial stress, with most of them admitting they would face a mental breakdown if hit with an unexpected £300 bill.

If you’re a millennial or a member of Gen Z, it’s likely you grew up without spending much time talking...

The RiseUp way to confident cashflow management Whatever your money goals, these four cashflow management tips can guide you to a more relaxed and controlled financial life.

At RiseUp, we’re about helping anyone to enjoy financial wellbeing. But what exactly does that mean? Well,...

So, what actually is financial wellbeing? What is financial wellbeing? And how does it link to our mental health and financial health? Let's break it down.

Picture the scene. A friend wants to grab dinner with you the night before pay day. An invite to a hen...

What is "loud budgeting"? The new trend that will save you money & boost financial wellbeing If you’re tired of making up fake excuses to stick to save money, “loud budgeting” will help improve your financial wellbeing.

Have you ever felt worried about not saving as much as you wanted or stressed about dipping into your...

How to manage money anxiety: tips from a financial psychotherapist Money stress and anxiety affects most of us. A financial therapist shares advice to boost your financial wellbeing and mental health.

Talking about money with family and friends can be daunting. I certainly don’t feel comfortable discussing...

How to talk about money with family & friends: financial therapist-approved advice Talking about money with loved ones is hard. Follow this expert advice for a smoother experience.

Financial Wellbeing at Work - collaboration with Culture First

Join RiseUp, Culture First and HR experts for an insightful session on the benefits of using a financial wellbeing app for work.


Insights breakfast with the Product team

Join the RiseUp Product team and other community members for breakfast and a chat!


Celebrating Women & Sparking Change with Sharena Shiv

Come celebrate International Women's Day 2024 with us at a special event, dedicated to igniting change and cultivating inclusivity.

Let’s be real, there are sexier things to discuss. Money, more often than not, takes a back seat...

RiseUp - The Financial Wellbeing App Subscription Let's be real, there are sexier things to discuss. Money, more often than not, takes a back seat in our conversations.

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