The RiseUp way to confident cashflow management

If you’re a millennial or a member of Gen Z, it’s likely you grew up without spending much time talking about your financial health or financial wellbeing. Perhaps you only heard these terms for the first time recently. Whether you’re just starting to get a handle on your finances or you’re looking to refine your […]

So, what actually is financial wellbeing?

At RiseUp, we’re about helping anyone to enjoy financial wellbeing. But what exactly does that mean? Well, put simply, financial wellbeing is about your relationship with money. It’s about spending without guilt, checking your bank account without getting the fear, and having more honest conversations about money. It’s about feeling secure and in control of […]

How to manage money anxiety: tips from a financial psychotherapist

Have you ever felt worried about not saving as much as you wanted or stressed about dipping into your overdraft? Financial anxiety and stress hits close to home for many of us.  But fear not, because we’ve teamed up with financial psychotherapist Vicky Reynal, author of Money on Your Mind: The Psychology Behind Your Financial […]

How to talk about money with family & friends: financial therapist-approved advice

Talking about money with family and friends can be daunting. I certainly don’t feel comfortable discussing my salary with friends, or asking to borrow money from family when I’m in a pinch financially. But this is important for our financial wellbeing. Because we fear judgment or causing discomfort, we tend to avoid the topic completely. […]

RiseUp – The Financial Wellbeing App Subscription

Let’s be real, there are sexier things to discuss. Money, more often than not, takes a back seat in our conversations. Ironically, a subject consuming most of our lives is one we rarely ever feel comfortable discussing. Well, that’s what we’re here for. RiseUp helps you break the taboo and awkwardness surrounding money, inviting you […]

It’s a money love affair

You’ve undoubtedly been in an argument with your partner about finances. Money sure does like to crash our romantic parties. But it doesn’t have to! It’s time to get into a healthy relationship with your money – and your honey! 🍯 Conversations about money can seem like a vibe kill, but they can actually bring […]