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The financial wellbeing app that helps 
you get on top of your finances, feel 
good about your spending, and save
money for whatever makes you happy.

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Our unique monthly forecast predicts how your 
finances will look at the end of the month. So 
you can make more informed decisions about 
how you spend your money.


Go with the
Cash Flow

Maintaining a positive monthly cash flow is the key to improving your finances. Our money management app technology connects to all your household accounts and organises them in one simple cash flow view that makes sense of your money.

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Your money as
you’ve never
seen it before

With a stream of personalised and simple insights, understanding your money and growing your savings is easier than ever.

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Monthly  + 7 day free trial


After your free trial, the monthly subscription is £9.99 and automatically renews each month.

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£25.99/3 mo


After your free trial, the quarterly subscription is £25.99 and automatically renews every 3 months.

Annual  + 7 day free trial  Save 20%



After your free trial, the annual subscription is £95.99 and automatically renews each year

Success in Numbers

We carried out a survey to see how our members feel since subscribing to RiseUp money management app.

75% feel more optimistic about their future.

89% feel able to improve their financial situation.

66% feel less stressed by money.

65% feel motivated to improve other areas of their lives.

Privacy and Security

Always safe,
always secure

The latest security systems, FCA approved, 24/7 support from actual humans. Just a few reasons why you can trust us to help you change your money mindset.


Registered with the ICO, the FCA and the CBI. Certified to ISO/IEC 27001 Information security management systems (ISMS) standard.

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