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Stay Positive

Change your mind about money. 

RiseUp’s Financial Wellbeing Subscription gives you the tools, knowledge and community support to improve your mindset around money. So you can make the switch from concern to confidence, and enjoy financial wellbeing.

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RiseUp has positively impacted over 100,000 members globally: 


Average improvement achieved in 3 months 


Of members feel RiseUp improved how they manage their finances 


Of members are less stressed about money

The RiseUp App 

RiseUp is like a meditation app for your money. 


Watch your financial worries float on by.
RiseUp is changing the way you manage your money by introducing a transformative experience that effortlessly allows you to save more, stress less and enjoy a life of financial wellbeing.

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Your Money Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Gain a crystal-clear view of your money, knowing precisely how much you have left to spend each month. No more uncertainty, only confidence.

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Financial Insights Made Fun 

Dive into personalised insights presented as captivating bite-sized content, motivating you to  take action and conquer your financial goals.

The Power of Togetherness

Join a community of members who share valuable advice, helpful tips, and engage in group challenges. 


Your Data is Secure

We use TrueLayer, the leading open banking network trusted by over 10 million users and the UK’s top banks, to connect securely and seamlessly to all your financial accounts, including:   

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Registered with the ICO, the FCA and the CBI. Certified to ISO/IEC 27001
Information security management systems (ISMS) standard 

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Become a
Founding Member

Join RiseUp as one of our Founding Members and revolutionise your approach to financial wellbeing. As a beta tester, you'll have exclusive access to the app and the opportunity to shape the future of RiseUp through your valuable feedback.

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Be among the first to RiseUp in the UK!
Join now to get early access.

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